How we

Our Team

We bring together the financial and legal experience of a diverse group of credit and distressed investors who are also former transactional attorneys and litigators.

Collectively, we have decades of experience investing in, and underwriting, risk regarding legal, tax and regulatory assets. Whether for short term liquidity needs, capital to invest for growth, or improvements of a capital structure, we create bespoke deal structures with the aim to optimize both investment returns and counterparty needs.

Our Investments

We categorize our investments in three strategies:

  • 1

    Loans to Law Firms

    Collateralized by the entire law firm portfolio or a diverse subsection of various claims.

  • 2

    Portfolio Financing

    Financing portfolios of legal assets.

  • 3

    Distressed and Special Situations

    Investments where the primary driver of value is a legal, tax, or regulatory asset.

Typical Counterparties

Law firms with portfolios of contingent claims.

Corporations that have contingent legal assets (including litigation, tax or regulatory assets) on their balance sheets.

Joint Venture Partners that have unknown or contingent assets or liabilities and want to price and quantify underlying litigation exposure.

Representative Asset Types

Law firm portfolios

Federal agency receivables

Tax claims and controversies

Process-driven corporate receivables

Asset seizures and forfeiture

Contingent Value Rights

FDIC receiverships

ATE insurance SPVs

Portfolios of medical lien receivables and property damage claims

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

  • Post-confirmation bankruptcy trusts
  • DIP loans secured by portfolios of bankruptcy claims
  • Chapter 11 vendor trade insurance

Real estate; involving a legal, environmental and/or regulatory risk assessment